Wednesday, March 3

Mike... he will be missed

Well, hello folks. This is DC Momma, the unsilenced "silent partner" of the MARC train blog. I'm afraid I bring bad news today and this blog will never be quite the same. The creator for this blog - the infamous Mike Netherland - passed away this morning and we will all miss him very much. Snarky comments were his to make about MARC and they echoed in our own frustrations with the commuter rail service.

So, as you're stepping onto that platform tomorrow - waiting for the train to pull in (however minutes late it may be) - please take a moment to think of Mike, wherever he may be. For his sake, let's all hope his ride to the next world isn't in a tin can of a MARC train. May he ride Acella or better - he certainly deserves the best.

Until next time....

Mike Netherland, may you rest in peace.